Attendees will learn how to plan, conduct and document the audit function.

Who Should Attend

Auditors, Auditor Trainees, Training department, Q.A. and Q.C.

Course Description

  • Why Audit?
  • 6 types of Audits and the risk priority and special considerations for each
    •  API vendors
    • Excipient vendors
    • Labelling, packaging, container and closure vendors. E.
    • Equipment Vendors
    • Service vendors
    • Internal (Company) processes
  • Planning the audit
  • Conducting and documenting the Audit
  • Follow-up



Πληροφορίες Σεμιναρίου

Κωδικός 304.05
Τίτλος Audits
Συνεργασία με Marshall
Γλώσσα Σεμιναρίου English
Διάρκεια (Δ.Ω.) 16

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