Advanced Training Oil Tanker Cargo Operations

(complied with STCW requirements, Cyprus approved)


To train personnel (involved in cargo handling operations) at a more advanced level with modern and interactive Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator.

Who should attend

Masters, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers, Second Engineers and any person with immediate responsibility for loading, discharging, care in transit, handling of cargo, tank cleaning or other cargo-related operations on oil tankers.

Learning Objectives

  • Design and characteristics of an oil tanker
  • Knowledge of oil tanker design, systems and equipment
  • Knowledge of pump theory, characteristics, types and their safe operation
  • Proficiency in tanker safety culture and implementation of SMS
  • Knowledge and understanding of monitoring and safety systems (ESD)
  • Ability to perform cargo measurements and relevant calculations
  • Knowledge of the effect of bulk liquid cargoes on trim, stability
  • Knowledge and understanding of oil cargo-related operations (loading and Unloading cargo plans, ballasting and de-ballasting, tank cleaning, inerting)
  • Ability to: develop cargo related plans. Calibrate GTS. Supervise personnel
  • Knowledge of: cargo properties. Information in MSDS.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Management of Risks in Oil Tankers
  • Knowledge and understanding of the hazards associated with oil tanker cargo operations (toxicity, explosion, health, static electricity)
  • Knowledge of: Risk assessment. Safe working practices. PPE
  • Knowledge of: Emergency procedures. Medical first aid. Pollution. MARPOL

Training Methodology

A combination of lecture through PowerPoint presentation, written assessment and practical scenarios with the use of a modern liquid cargo-handling interactive simulator for double hull oil tankers. Practical demonstration and exercise on gas measurement & gas instrument calibration.


  • 50 Hrs / 8 Days

Documentation Reference

  • STCW 2010, Reg. & Section A-V/1-1 and Table A-V/1-1-2

    IMO Model Courses 1.02 and 2.06

    TMSA and TOTS Standards


  • Course delivery in Greek/English while training materials in English.


  • Master Mariner Vasileios Vavasis
  • Master Mariner Dimos Georgitsis
  • Master Mariner Sotirios Siafliakis

 Course Approval

  • DNV, Cyprus, Liberia, Malta, Marshall Islands

Πληροφορίες Σεμιναρίου

Κωδικός 207.03
Τίτλος Advanced Training Oil Tanker Cargo Operations
Περιγραφή (complied with STCW requirements, Cyprus approved)
Διάρκεια (Δ.Ω.) 50

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