Professional Certifications

Certification of qualifications that Professionals have or acquire during their training could constitute the catalyst for increasing productivity, quality of services rendered and enhancing their professional profile.

Understanding the need of a modern labour market for Certified Professionals, we adjusted our educational programs to prepare our trainees for their successful participation in certification exams of international and national independent Certification Bodies. We are able to provide the following certifications:

Through the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing we provide the possibility of certifying professionals who use Condition Monitoring methods.

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Lean Six Sigma is a system of continuous improvement and business management that can be implemented in all business sectors.

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We provide Certificate of Proficiency, technical competence and skills to individuals performing cleaning of buildings, surfaces and fabrics. 
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IVEPE-SEV is a Certification Body of Persons accredited by ESYD (Certificate Number 153-8), according to International Standard ISO17024:2012, for the certification of proficiency, technical competence and skills to professionals performing welding operations.

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