Branches & Premises

Today, besides the headquarters in Athens, there are premiches of IVEPE-SEV in Thessaloniki, Volos and Patras. Our total premises cover more than 3,000 square meters and include traditional lecture classrooms with all the necessary IT equipment, IT training rooms, special laboratories (welding, Non Destructive Testing, PLC, electronics, hydraulics etc.) specially designed for practical training.

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Our Team

The team of IVEPE-SEV is comprised of specialized and capable professionals, with many years of experience in the educational field, operating with the aim of providing high quality services and meeting the needs of our clients.

Our trainers

IVEPE-SEV operates based on the highest standards of knowhow, specialization, personal and professional commitment. Our trainers are highly professionally qualified in various fields of expertise (engineers, economists, technicians, etc.), with considerable professional experience in the industry and the contemporary methods of adult education.

Interactive Methods of Education

The educational methods that are utilized aim at facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and they are fully aligned with all the principles of adult education. Our experienced trainers teach by putting the course participants in the center of the learning process and by utilizing techniques, such as:

  • Enriched Lecture 
  • Discussion – dialogue 
  • Brainstorming 
  • Individual or teamwork exercises 
  • Practical exercise in the lab 
  • Case studies
  • Role playing 
  • Educational videos 
  • Industrial/ Technical software and hardware
  • Simulations

Modern Laboratories

IVEPE-SEV, at its privately-owned premises, has modern laboratories, equipped with electro-mechanical equipment of the latest technology. In our labs, the trainees apply in practice the knowledge they acquired and are able through simulation exercises to comprehend the theory in depth. Our labs are certified by EOPPEP and BINDT.

  • Pneumatic Automations Labs
  • Electronic Automations Labs
  • Hydraulic Automations Labs
  • Welding Labs
  • Non Destructive Testing Labs
  • Mechanical Engineering Labs
  • Electrical Engineering Labs

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Current Semester Scheduled seminars

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