IVEPE-SEV specializes in planning, organizing and implementing training programs in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions.

The training programs provide the appropriate means in order to enhance the knowledge and skills of those benefiting from CSR campaigns, in order to support their efforts in seeking employment and promoting the corporate values of the companies/organizations that finance them.

Our approach is based on five axes:

We work together with you to highlight the concept upon which a CSR action plan will be built, focusing on training specific population groups.
IVEPE-SEV’s educational development team studies the reference framework of the project’s main concept aiming to select the appropriate actions that will support the educational need of the target group.
We work together with you in order to design the action plan in a way that will highlight the advantages for the participants, whereas at the same time it will maximize the positive impact that the CSR action will have on society.
The educational support team coordinates the implementation of the actions, by conducting a continuous formative evaluation so that the learning outcomes which have been targeted are achieved and the success of the CSR Project has been ensured.
Once the CSR action has been completed, we provide analytical pre-agreed statistics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and progress reports so that the final assessment and evaluation of the actions can be done by the respective company departments.

These are the CSR Programs that IVEPE-SEV has implemented: