In cooperation with each company separately, we design and implement tailor-made educational programs that meet your specialized educational needs.

With these targeted educational programs, the company acquires suitably trained personnel, an element that is necessary for the improvement of its competitiveness and the development of innovative action and extroversion.

All of our educational programs can be adapted to the needs of each company, aiming at meeting your real needs in the shortest time possible.

In order to implement a tailor made training program, a close cooperation among the company’s manager/supervisor/personnel, the executives of IVEPE-SEV’S Training Department and the course trainer is required, in order to explore the real educational needs of the trainees and the business as a whole. The adapted course outline that arises through this collaboration is enriched with best practices, appropriate tools and the educational methodology that satisfies the cognitive subject, the experience and the learning particularities of the company’s employees.

The in-house training programs are flexible in terms of time and location of implementation: they can be conducted either on the premises of your company or on our own premises or in any place that is convenient to the participants.

The in-house training programs can be funded through the LAEK (Account for Employment & Vocational Training) 0.24% program of OAED (Manpower Employment Organization).
Please contact us, if you want to create a tailor made course or adjust to your needs one of our current educational seminars.