According to the law 4036/2012, Article 12 of Joint Ministerial Decision 8197/90290/22-7-2013, professional users of pesticides are required to hold a certificate of rational use of agricultural pesticides and medicines from 26 November 2015 and onwards, in order to be able to legally purchase them.
In order to obtain this Certificate the professional user must pass examinations, which are carried out in special examination centers such as IVEPE-SEV. Exams are conducted through the Argicultural Ministry's online application system, in which the candidate is asked to answer forty (40) multiple choice questions within a specified time. The validity of this Certificate is 5 years and starts from the date of successful completion of the examinations.
To find out more about the National Action Plan on the Rational Use of Agricultural Pesticides and Medicines, click here.

Certificate Acquisition Procedure

  • Attending a 12-hour training course
  • Participation in certification exams

For registration and more information about the program please contact Ms Efi Tassiou at +302108257815.



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