The main key for the transition to Industry 4.0 is education and professional training in specialized skills.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is primarily a vision of change as well as a promising holistic approach, based on the integration and management of modern business processes. For the successful transition to Industry 4.0, digital transformation is essential, which is a continuous evolutionary process that creates opportunities but requires modern infrastructure and training in specialized skills. 

Industry 4.0 is not just automation, but basically it is a new model of intelligent automation using decentralized information systems, enhanced connectivity and interoperability, based largely on the continuous flow of information/data through the Internet of Things (IoT). The reorganization of traditional automation systems with intelligent systems that are self-improving and self-regulating, through Machine Learning and Data Analytics algorithms, effectively contribute to optimizing business processes to the volatile consumer needs. Data is in the center and are subject to extensive, targeted statistical analysis and processing, in order to be useful as operational guidelines and contribute to critical decision making.

IVEPE-SEV with many years of experience, recognizes that accelerating digital transformation is the next necessary step for the greek companies and industries. In this climate of change, it contributes decisively to the upskilling-reskilling of professionals with its training programs. More specifically, we provide seminars on:

  • Augmented Reality Training in all Welding Methods (MMA, TIG, MIG, MAG) using a special simulator (SOLDAMATIC) for a faster, safer, more economical and environmental friendly learning experience. 
  • Advanced ERP & CRM Systems with embedded Business Intelligence (ΒΙ) for smart data, customers and suppliers management.
  • Industrial Networks & Advanced Automation Technologies (PLC, ΗΜΙ, SCADA) through which Advanced Process Control is achieved.
  • Proactive/Predictive condition based Maintenance - Rapid Repair.
  • Lean Six Sigma Excellence (Yellow, Green & Black Belt Certifications), a philosophy that is masterfully combined with Industry 4.0 (smart factories), that leads to reduction of production costs and time-to-market (JIT), as well as to creating personalized products with lean production & manufacturing / warehouse), without unnecessary waste (5S & 8Wastes) and holistically be environmental friendly and focused on the aim of continuous process improvement (Kaizen).
  • Soft Skills Development (Time-Stress & Conflict Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Team-work, Adaptability, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Problem Solving, Business Ethics), which are considered to be the most sought-after skills for adapting and being effective in the new era.
  • Digital MarketingSocial Media Communication that multiply corporate recognition and act as a sales driving force, based largely on customer personalization, which is one of the top use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • GDPR Awareness & Compliance which is the 1st level of Data Indegrity/Security, aligning companies' processes with the new European directives on personal data security.
  • Basics of Artificial Intelligence (ΑΙ) for a smoother transition to digital age, in order to discover new ways of working expressed in technology terms. 

IVEPE-SEV trying to adapt to the new era, has set the goal of transforming into a Center of Vocational Excellence.To achieve this vision, we are cooperating with several European Institutes to develop new programs (Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Automated Guided Vehicles, Robotics, New Material Processing) that will support Greek industries.

IVEPE-SEV is also a key member of EfVET's Industry 4.0 thematic group (European Forum for Vocational Education &Training), thus actively participates in various European Programs aiming at disseminating know-how, creating and sharing good practices, as well as developing innovative digital transformation training programs and methods for smoother transition to Industry 4.0.

More info about our full range catalogue of educational projects HERE.

The above video is taken from SEV's Industrial Conference 2019.

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