Open seminars concern Intercompany training that we conduct at our facilities and is directed to all professionals in the market. By providing over 300 different seminar titles, in more than 30 general categories, we cover the majority of educational needs of the modern professional.

Intercompany programs are addressed to specific skillsets of executives or employees in various businesses, aiming to meet the technological and economic developments, as well as the modern methods of business management.

Each semester, we announce the seminars that we intent to implement on specific dates and branches of IVEPE-SEV so that all professionals who are interested in attending them can have a full picture and adjust their availability.

Open training programs can be funded through the LAEK 0.24% program of OAED.

Find here the scheduled timetable of the current semester.

If you wish to attend an educational seminar, please visit our website and send your interest electronically or contact us directly.