The certified professional must:


  1.  Act fairly, professionally and morally.
  2.  Strive and seek recognition, development and prestige enhancement of the profession.
  3.  Use the certification only in the field of competence set out by the certification
  4.  Not undertake tasks for which he/she has not been certified.
  5.  Inform and not conceal from his/her customers and/or customers of his/her employer about incidents of conflict of interest.
  6. Not disclose any confidential information, unless otherwise prescribed by law or by agreement with the stakeholders.
  7. Not accept any form of pressure (verbal or material) from anyone that could affect his/her professional judgement.
  8. Not act in a way that affects or damages the reputation of the certification body or the certification process.
  9. Cooperate in any attempt of investigation for possible Code of Ethics breach.
  10. Use and promote his/her certified competence only while the obtained certificate of proficiency is active.
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