The Plant Wellness Way Operational Excellence System

Seminar targets

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Who can attend

Plant, production and operations managers and supervisors, technical, asset management and maintenance managers, maintenance engineers, project, operation and plant design managers and, finally, all engineers dealing with projects, such as reduction of maintenance cost, increase of MTBF - mean time between failures, increase of plant and equipment reliability, drawing of an integrated production and maintenance plan with cost reduction and more rational, effective and efficient management of resources.
The specific seminar is addressed to all companies that want to optimize their processes and procedures referring to the reliability and maintenance of their equipment, are dealing with asset management and are interested in building their own process-maintenance optimization program or seek to become an operational excellence company.

Why should you attend this seminar

  • It provides techniques, methods and solutions that you will not find in any other seminar. PWW is a new innovation that brings together right thinking, right concepts and right practices from lifecycle asset management, Lean Six Sigma process improvement, work quality assurance, reliability engineering and maintenance management into a standard method used to bring operational excellence to industrial operations. It is the only publically available operational excellence methodology, as all other such methodologies are kept secret by their uses because of the massive competitive advantage they bring to their companies.
  • The attendees will get involved in insightful activities, look into practical case studies and apply the necessary tools, methods and techniques that create Operational Excellence in industrial businesses. They will learn how to improve the performance and productivity of people, plant, equipment and workplaces of industrial operations.

Key Words: operational excellence, asset management, reliability improvement, standards, measures, control, risks and their cost, human errors and the ways to reduce them, KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators, RCFR process - root cause failure removal process, process variations and failures, procedures

Seminar syllabus

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Seminar language

English will be used in all lectures and course notes. No translation will be available.


Course information

Course Code 303.05
Course Title The Plant Wellness Way Operational Excellence System
Partnership LRS Consultant Global
Language English
Course Duration 24

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